Expertise born from experience

The Law Offices of Brian A. Stark, understands how searching for an attorney can be a stressful experience.  Most people require an attorney who cares about them and their cases.  Our firm consists of three attorneys as well as an experienced and accommodating support staff, who are fully capable of overseeing your case from commencment to conclusion.


The size of our firm allows all three of our attorneys to be intimately involved in each and every one of our cases.  This allows us to provide a personal touch that you can’t get at some of the larger firms where your case can get lost among the myriad of cases that the larger firms handle.


We have a specially designed computer system that allows us to monitor each phase of your case from initiation to completion.  This system provides our staff and attorneys with instant feedback relating to the progress of your case.


Our firm’s clients include a multitude of entities ranging from individual, small property and condominium owners to Housing Development Fund Corporations (HDFCs) and major real estate management firms.